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Sophie Glasser, founder


About Sophie Glasser (Starheart the Clown) 

     It is with pride and joy that I now clown for progressive causes!

I always had the calling to act, sing, and ham it up. As a young girl, I was quiet - too quiet to be much of an actress or come out of my shell in public. In college, I explored singing in choirs but was still too inhibited to act as a different character. I studied in England for a semester, and when I returned, I was ready for personal growth and expansion. Over the next few years, I grew a lot as a person and realized I wanted to work with children and adults, teaching, and sharing the arts with all ages.

     My Uncle Bill joined my aunt’s household in the mid-1990’s and was already “Goldie the Clown”, a Shriner’s Clown with the Masons in NYC. He invited me for 3 years to accompany him to a clown college in Masachusetts as his free “lady friend”. Finally, I agreed, and within an hour, had fallen in love with clowning. (Listen to my friend Sharon Abreu’s song “Clown College”.) 

      Next, I struggled to find my own clowning style with makeup, dress, and repertoire. After taking several more clowning acting classes, I picked my clown name “Starheart”. I was ready to try clowning in the wider world. I clowned at some parties, in hospitals, in classrooms, and at a community circus.

       Meanwhile, I joined a Masters Degree program in “Creative Arts in Learning and Elementary Education” at Lesley University. I decided I wanted to utilize the skills of classroom teaching in a school for a number of years. During these classroom teaching years, I knew I would simultaneously teach clowning at various afterschool programs. 

       During these years, I also met my future husband at a party. He had already done some clowning and was also a teacher. “Cream Cheese” and I soon became an item. 

       In past few decades, I developed my skills in many  other creative arts as well. I have written a novel (check out my link below).. I also perform musical theater, and I have created my own show, "Climate Cabaret: An Environmental Fundraiser"! See the link  to the left!

        In the past few years, I became ready to give service and joy to the world more broadly with my creative arts. I now love clowning for progressive causes such as the ennvironment, LGBQT+ rights, etc. “Clowns for Peace and Justice” was born!


Next Climate Cabaret fundraiser concert: Serentiy Coffeehouse on Friday, October 23, 2020! http://pianolessonswithjoyce.com/serenity-coffeehouse/

Climate Cabaret: An Environmental Fundraiser :


Clowning for a Higher Purpose: Making the world a better place while having fun!

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